Alternative Spring Break 2014

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Join us for an immersion experience like none you have experienced before. Help us rehab experimental small buildings. Participate in upgrades to the LifeTrac DIY tractor. Design with us the next iterations of the MicroHouse along with other upgrades to Factor e Farm. All the while be surrounded by the optimistic spirit that open source development offers the world. The future is ours to create!

We'll use this wiki page to log the work of this week-long collaborative jamboree.

Development Plan



This trip was originally intended for Ball State University students - but we are opening this up to the greater world. Visit the Eventbrite page to register. Space is limited to the first 16 registrants. Travel will be provided by van from Muncie, Indiana, for anyone coming from Indiana.

Click here to register.


Contact Chris (at) opensourceecology (dot) org.

Design Work

  • HabLab landscaping documentation (porch, patio, paths, landscaping) - See 2014 Infrastructure
  • Infographic of MH evolution and versions (including prices and features of each version)
  • CEB Press design


  • Work Plan - [1]
  • Participants - [2]
  • Initial email to registrants + packing list - [3]