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It's Me!

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I'm Andrew Spina. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm keeping a blog of my work at Machining My Independance. See my BOM, Parts list, and Timecard on my Google Doc.

December 1

  • Cleaned inside of tank, and covered it with WD-40.
  • TIG welded large flange to standoff tube and tube to hydraulic reservoir.

November 28

  • Machined the last hole in the tank. Welding this week.
  • Posted my thoughts on design improvement for the hydraulic tank here

November 13

  • Ordered the engine, pump, flanges, and some hydraulic components. All have arrived.
  • Machined two holes in the Hydraulic Reservoir.
  • Figuring out how to properly clean and finish the inside of the tank.

October 10

  • Got back from my business trip. Planning on ordering the engine and pump this week.
  • Tom sent me information on the muffler design. Still deciding whether to build or buy a muffler.
  • Send a query to Briggs and Stratton asking about the difference between these models: #49M777-0118-G1, #49M777-0120-G1, #49M777-0110-G1.
    • If I get a satisfactory response, I'll try to get it included in the BOM so others can understand the implications of getting a particular model.

October 5

  • Learned from Tom that the cube may need to be taller than 24".
  • Asked Tom about muffler design. The cube BOM mentions the muffler but the manufacturing section doesn't mention assembly. He is buying one. I may too.
  • Fixed some spelling errors on wiki pages. Hoping that I wasn't stepping on toes.

September 29

  • Verified Steel order was correct.
  • No work next week because I'm on a business trip.

September 27

  • Created a Spreadsheet to track the parts that I have, and need. More detail here[1]
  • Ordering additional Angle and steel for the Hydraulic Reservoir tomorrow.
  • Hopefully begin assembling the frame on Thursday.

September 24

  • Posted to my blog[2] about my first week of work.

September 22

  • Cut my angle to length. The bill of materials for the Power Cube was wrong I'll need more angle to build the frame.

September 19

  • Ordered 20 feet (240") of 2" by 1/4" angle iron. Cost = 65$ + tax. My awesome wife will pick it up.

September 17

  • Started talking to Tom via email about Power Cube documentation and materials.

September 15

  • got permission to use the machine shop at Baltimore County Community College to produce a Power Cube!