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List of useful Android apps.

File Exchange

  • Ubuntu One - cloud storage, 5GB
    • can share folders with emails, permissions: read, edit
    • can have public files via "Public URL"
    • can synchronize different folders from your disk (Dropbox syncs only 1 folder)
      • but couldn't sync folders from my shared between Ubuntu and Win disk, NTFS formatted.
    • If you have UNAUTHORIZED error while login:

Mobile Calls

  • Forfone - 100 free minutes from Android/iPhone to landlines in: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland und UK (Source). (tested to German landlines - works)
  • Handcent SMS - send free sms. (tested successfully from Germany to Germany and Bulgaria)



  • upStream - upload multiple pictures from Gallery.
    • + Picture selection is very easy.
    • - Naming: the same name is used for multiple pictures.
    • - Flickr Set cannot be created.
    • - Price €0,72