Annual Budget Report

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The Annual Budget Report is a summary of the actual spending and revenue of OSE, verified with bank account statements.

Use the template below as an example.


Annual Report Infographic Base:


Protocol for 2014

It took 2 hr 40 min to set up spreadsheet template and fill it out from bank statements, minus the infographic below.

  1. Download all statements from Bank of America.
  2. Fill out Column I and P in above spreadsheet for the Monthly Revenue and Spending using the cover page of monthly BofA statement
  3. Look through revenue - should have a quick breakdown of donations, speaker fees, workshop revenues, etc. Use other for refunds or unfamiliar entries.
  4. Look through details of spending to detect overhead costs (quick scan for utilities, phone, internet, water electricity, insurance, web hosting, domain registrations, etc).
  5. To balance revenue, use a formula in column H to subtract total revenue from known revenues
  6. To balance costs, use a formula in column J to make Prototyping + Infrastructure any spending that is not salary, travel, fuel, or overhead.
  7. Look at Eventbrite and total the workshops revenue + spring break revenue
  8. Look at PayPal to determine the total money received in first and last month, and average that to derive an annual revenue


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