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Conversation with Chris on Feb 16


Great talking to you on the phone and thank you for volunteering to contribute your talents to OSE!

As a recap of our conversation:

  • You will arrive on March 9 and stay for one week through March 16. This could be extended if you and Marcin are in mutual agreement on the matter.
  • You will be arriving by either plane or bus. We still need to work out the detail of how you will be getting from bus station or airport to FeF.
  • You will be covering your own cost of food. OSE will be providing you with lodging in the HabLab.
  • You will not be carrying a firearm :) Sorry - we got our wires crossed with your application and another DPV that wished to openly carry a handgun.
  • During the March visit, you and Marcin will discuss NiFe battery and a potential, longer stay in June to work on that project.

Let me know if you have any questions between now and your visit. Also, keep us posted as to how you will be arriving.

Thanks! Chris

Anthony Application

1. Name, location, contact info (phone, email, Skype).

My name is Anthony Douglas. I currently spend almost all my time in Ottawa, On. My phone number is (wiki readers please email me), and email is anthony.a.douglas with the domain section at

2. Are you over the age of 18? (affirm yes or no)


3. When would you be available for a Dedicated Project Visit and for what duration?

Between February 10nth and the end of July 2014.

4. Please attach a resume or provide a list of work / volunteer experience and education.


5. Please include a photo of yourself.

Sorry, it is a pretty poor photo.

6. Please submit a 1-2 minute video introduction regarding your interest in applying. This is a video-of-interest (VOI) and it must include: (1) Name and country where you are located, (2) why you are interested in applying; (3) what you would like to contribute to our effort and relevant skill set that will help you do that; (4) what are you hoping to get out of your visit? Please upload this video to a public video sharing site such as YouTube or OpenPhoto.

7. Are you willing to publish all the results of your work openly according to the OSE Open IP Guidelines?

Yes, indeed I look forwards to it :).

8. Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us?

Yes, financially and also in terms of cold weather gear etc.

9. Do you have sample work that you could upload and/or share via email? (ie. projects, designs, technical writing, graphic designs, videos, etc).

I can upload the financial analysis or prototype design for the NiFe battery. I have some sketch designs from a blog I wrote, but they are only stream of conciousness sketches. They include water treatment systems, toilet/sanitation systems, a biomass combustion heating unit, a solar photovoltaic tracking and mirror augmentation system, a year round thermosiphon for heating a small home, approaches for air conditioning, designs to incorporate soundproofing into a small home, and a few other things.

10. Are there skills/expertise you hope to gain while a DPV at FeF?

I hope to solidify my encyclopedic/abstract knowledge into working knowledge through action on a project, mostly, and to learn to work with others on this kind of radically independent and grassroots, low budget R&D. I will certainly jump at the chance to improve my CAD, welding etc. skills, but want to focus my time on achieving good progress on the NiFe battery, and the education and accomplishment that entails.

11. Please provide three (3) references (professional or educational). Contact information for references can be uploaded with the application, resume, or emailed directly to the Technical Community Manager:

These are sent separately to the Tech Director, at the bottom of my resume.

12. How did you hear about OSE and the DPV opportunity?

I had heard about OSE years ago through a TED talk, and came back to it now.

13. Do you have any other concerns or considerations? (May be emailed separately)

It would be good to come up with an action plan before arriving. Also, ordering the battery materials and anything else that progress is predicated upon ahead of time so it will already be onsite would be an essential thing to do, as shipping may take weeks. Certainly I hope to show up with the completed design files for the Mark 1 battery.

Needed equipment includes the battery tester unit (cycles the battery with a dummy load, charges and tracks everything for analysis to determine battery performance), commercial batteries for reverse engineering, and the chemicals. This entails a small but inevitable investment, as these things will need to be done to advance the NiFe project eventually, and will not expire, can be used in subsequent DPVs, etc. I can assemble a list of suppliers and items, and work with someone who has access to OSE's finances. These things will need to be aquired sooner or later to develop the NiFe battery, no matter who is doing the work on the project.

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