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In the open source ecology paradigm, antifragility is indispensible for this reason:

The world has much suffering, and for anyone to look at all the pain in the world could lead to trauma and incapacitation. That's why escapism, avoidance of the brutal facts, or simple principles of ignorance is bliss - predominate. Few people have the capacity to look at the world as it is in its cruel aspects, while remaining motivated to do something about it. I would estimate that this percentage is 1 in 10 people, but possibly as little as 1/100 or 1/1000.

To work on real problems requires looking at the real problems. It means the capacity to look at a real problem, and propose a realistic course of action. This requires one to - instead of being destroyed by the brutal facts - to be inspired to act about the brutal facts to work on them against all odds. This is a highly developed state of human consciousness. This capacity requires antifragility: taking in shocks, and growing from them, and transcending them. That is the usefulness of antifragiliy in OSE work. Therefore, the aspiring open source ecologist must spend the time to learn antifrgility, which is part of hardwiring happiness and purpose in one's life.