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  • Anxiety disorder is the world's largest mental disorder. About 4% of the population suffer from it. 275M worldwide. [1]
  • Clarity- without beating around the bush, we should state root cause: fear of the unknown. Solution: admit it, act on it, show gratitude. [2]
  • Types:
    • Generalized anxiety disorder - when anything can be an issue.
    • Selective mutism - when you don't speak under certain conditions


  • Look your fear in the eye. As in point 2 above: admit it.
  • Global Inner Fitness comes up - says source of issue is self-esteem. [3]. Personal observation by MJ: at the risk of Psychologist's Fallacy - I observe that in a hierarchy of causes, self-esteem may not be as important as courage - the ability to face a fear of the unknown. Thus, which comes first: fear of the unknown or self-esteem?
  • It is worth asking about the relationship between self-esteem and fear of the unknown. Note that xenophobia is originally a psychology term that means 'fear of the unknown'. This term evolved to mean fear of foreigners.