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Apollo-NG - Mobile Hackerspace and R&D/Fab-Lab

The mission of Apollo-NG is to operate as a small but fully functional, self-sustainable, mobile Hackerspace and Research, Development & Fab Facility.



  • UCSSPM - Unified Clear-Sky Solar output Prediction Model - Could be adapted by OSE for non-PV solar systems to have a better reference for calculations.
  • Helios - gasifier stove, a robust, versatile and resource-effective biomass micro-gasifier by combining a controlled-draft TLUD (Top-Lit Up-Draft) gasifier with an array of TEGs (Thermo Electric Generators) and a microcontroller to optimize the gasification process
  • Argus - Global Environment Monitoring System (EMS), Temperature & Relative Humidity, Ground Temperature, 5cm above Ground, Pressure, Wind, Rain, Solar Radiation, E-Field Mill, Power Supply.
  • Zephyr - Small Scale Wind Power Research
  • PiGI - Cheap, Raspberry Pi based Geiger-Counter
  • picoReflow - Cheap, Raspberry Pi based PID Reflow/Oven/Thermal Controller


Watch all relevant data on the VFCC Dashboards