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Comments for Missouri: Jim Pierce

Almost all of ours is on mm111. That rootstock you took way back then is 111 if you still have any of it. When you try to shorten the time to fruit you will end up with a lot more management issues. Plant a tree that has lesser demands, otherwise you will end up with way more to do. That’s my opinion. Shorter time to fruit is nice, but long term more work. Discussion with Jim Cummins, who worked at Cornell, led us to choose 111.

What varieties are you grafting?

Jim Pierce

Farm Outreach Worker

Clay and Platte Counties

Innovative Small Farmers Outreach Program

Lincoln University Cooperative Extension


West Orchards

Emla 111 has been pretty good overall for us. So that's what I just bought 150 of too. We are still grafting and I gave a class last week on it. Bud 9 didn't work well for me. But it does have a lot of good reviews. Emla 111 is I think still very good. Good luck with it. Dan