Apprenticeship Incentives

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  • Learning track - 2 week cycle one build one learning. Up to you to build more effectively. The quicker you learn, the more time you have to learn other things. It could be a 10 day work week. It could be a 1 day workweek!
  • Big Daddy Incentive - Why are we here? You can learn amazing productivity, financial independence, and purpose. The cap for solo warrior, solopreneur, is $225k. Cap for a manager is the same, less hard work required but more people skill. Cap for entrepreneur is $5M. Cap for worldchanger (movement entrepreneur) - known as a hippie with a skillset - is a billion dollar company. Cap for a microstate entrepreneur is a trillion, but it's more than software.
  • Remedial Track for collaboration - if you don't want to (not can't) work as a team, you have the option for high productivity building modules. Or if you want to do it part time.
  • Design Track - problemsolving, machine design, microstate design. Balaji funds the first network state attempt at 240 individuals, committing to 1 year to build 240 houses. In reality, this crew builds 10 houses every 3 days, thus it takes 72 days of build, for lifelong freedom. A little over 1 day a week. Or in swarm events, 6 days every month, plus $100k fee. This is effectively a 240 house pre-sale, with a commitment of 6 days per month. Pre-requisite is build management of 24 people in the initial cohort.
  • We breed lifelong learning. You forget about your history - this is a fresh start.