Apprenticeship Meeting 1

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Corresponding YouTube video [1].


  • Christian- emphasizes commitment of lifetime work. Had a mindshift in terms of collaborative development. Has land in Peru, and people to do it.
  • Ken- since 2018 knew OSE. 6 Months - wants to see the financial side work out. Build a company - viable to reinvest back into itself..
  • Joshua - leaving job to join OSE. OSE eventually has to be successful. Sees OSE as a way to take back the freedom to live. Successful, self-sufficient. To give people freedom and liberty through the knowledge. Direction and business plan. Intentional community around the high tech OSE brand. Get out of lifecycle. Machines are there - need to be built.
  • Brian - KC just in time for COVID. Knows some same people. Social entrepreneurship, philanthropy. Design cycles around business model and financial cycle. Wants to build the things he imigines. Bob Berkebile wants to help make it more mainstream.
  • Marcin - looks forward to priving a completely open enterprise model.
  • Matt- organizational psychologist. Online course. Left academia to have impact. Long term goal- integrate with nonprofit - makerspace intergenerational - develop regenerative businesses.
  • Brian - did enterprise in Peru. Knows it more than any other country.
  • Odundo - need to meet people where they are. Emphasize the enterprise aspect.
  • Jeff (instructor)

Audio Recordings

  • Day 1 - Morning Classroom Session [2]
  • Day 1 - Afternoon Classroom Session [3]