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Appropriate Technology is technology which serves both the needs of survival, and of evolution. In other words, it is tech that provides material needs, liberates time for pursuits of thriving rather than surviving, and encourages the user to a path of lifelong learning towards full psychosocial integration and maturity. AT is thus transcendent, leading to the eradication of fight-or-flight response in humans, via Neuroplastic Sublimation selected in downstream generations.

OSE Contribution

OSE is spinning up the flywheel for appropriate technology. Think of all the throwaway consumer goods that are found on Amazon and throughout life such as power tools or anything else which has a useful lifetime much shorter than its production lifetime. OSE is committed to introducing lifetime design as the norm and the technosphere.

Lifetime design requires a specific infrastructure. Only by shortening the distance between production and use can lifetime design be guaranteed. This can be implemented in the form of open source microfactories that are based in the communities that they serve. If your item breaks, the open source micro factory has to open blueprints and replacement parts to make a fix and easy thing. Available business model for this is clearly obtainable, but may require the development of integrated product ecologies and Degenerate technological design. Above all the base requirement is the open source nature where the designs are simply not secret or proprietary.

Robust manufacturing of product ecologies as well as advanced recycling infrastructure must be present. Along with this maximal use of abundant natural resources from the local environment must be made. This is good because with appropriate open source technology, we can go far from the raw natural resources to the lifestyle of modern civilization. In fact some of the most advanced substances known to humankind are based on completely abundant resources: such as hydrogen, diamonds, semiconductors, or glass.

Experiment 1

Currently OSE is designing and building a solar micro factory for producing homes, tractors and heavy machines, 3D printers, solar steel, and solar xonvrete at its headquarters in maysville Missouri. This will serve the local community and provide a model for worldwide replication.

The solar steel facility will consist of a wind a nd solar powered (200kW solar, 50 kW wind, charcoal, and wood derived biodiesel.