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Exciting updates for April 2017. The days of artificial scarcity are numbered, as OSE and Open Building Institute (http://openbuildinginstitute.org) work on wicked problems.

1. We did it - we designed the world's simplest 3D Printer - with only 40 unique parts. Check it out, and sign up for the 1 day build workshop where you can build your own 3D printer in One Day:


2. The Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse is waking up to spring rains. The 30,000 rainwater catchment pond is now full, ready for purification with our pond-to-potable water system - see http://bit.ly/2nxKife. The house and greenhouse were each built with 50 people over 5 days - our biggest feat of Extreme Manufacturing. You can see the build results at http://kck.st/2m6hviU.

3. Our Roadmap for 2017 is ambitious - http://bit.ly/2nxYCV1 : 3D printer workshops beginning as a regular offering, an experimental build workshop of the CNC Torch Table - and finally the first time that we cut 100% of our steel with our own CNC torch table instead of outsourcing the cutting. After making some more machines - such as our gasifier + solar Eco-Tractor in August - we will be ready for the 2nd iteration of the Seed Eco-Home in late fall. Including 3D printed plumbing, fence posts, plastic lumber, and greenhouse glazing.

4. But we won't get there without the crowds. Sign up as an OSE Developer - http://bit.ly/2nVk2Pt - and learn new skills as we continue developing new standards for Open Source Product Development. We also started the OSE Social Network for Developers - http://bit.ly/2oSMnmZ.

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Thanks, Marcin