April 25, 2009 - Plant Out Party

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Factor E Farm Plant Out! when: Saturday April 25, 2009 11 am to sunset

Greetings Friends and Interested Parties,

Here at Factor E Farm we are very eager to grow more of our own food and complete our 5 Kingdom Community Gene Bank so that we can help others propagate their own edible landscape. As part of that plan we need to plant some annuals after the first frost. Planting a big garden is a lot of work, and we appreciate any help we can get. It's a great opportunity to learn how to build a raised bed, check out the hustle and bustle of the farm and contribute to what will hopefully be the Best Harvest Ever. I can't make any promises until things start to grow, but I hope to be leading lots of food processing workshops in the late summer and fall. Look forwards to kimchi and sauerkraut workshops (take own your own crock of kimchi!), pesto workshops (take own your homemade pesto!), wild fermentation workshops and much more.

We invite you all to come join us on Saturday April 25 to build a raised bed and plant our seedlings which have already started growing in the greenhouse.

Gardening Supplies: We have 4 hoes, 7 shovels, a few rakes, one wheel barrow and lots of good compost. I suggest you bring your own garden gloves and any tools you want.

Contribute to our Gene Bank: If you have any extra seedlings or seeds that you just didn't get around to planting bring those too! We would be honored by any new additions to our gene bank. Check out our wish list for the 5 Kingdom Gene Bank (http://openfarmtech.org/index.php?title=Perennial_Agriculture) to see you can help us build our gene bank.

Food On Site: Please bring your own snacks and prepared food to eat. We can provide delicious rain water and lend you dishes and silverware, but we're not yet able to provide food for the masses.

Fee: $40 for learning experience and introduction to Factor e Farm, for first-time visitors; others: free.

Thanks Again for your help and support,

Molly Daniellson Factor e Team

contact: 202.202.3387


RSVP and directions: opensourceecology@gmail.com by April 21st.