Aquaponic Greenhouse Design Guide

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Introduction: (Page started as of 3/13/2018, work in progress.)

Structural components:

Fish rearing tank: -Round fish tanks, made of fiberglass or polyethelene. -Diameter 10 ft, height 4 ft, water volume 2060 gal. -Turnover rate of water: For fish stocking density 15 kg/m3, at least half of fish tank water volume. For higher fish stocking density, at least one fish tank water volume. - Tangential flow of water entering the tank and bottom center outlet for water exiting the tank.

FreeCAD link of the individual components and entire system design:

Systems involved and inter-dependancy of systems:

Key considerations:

Aquaponics production details and business model:

Refer: file:///home/bk-ose/Downloads/SRAC_0453.pdf