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A list of Archived Presentations


See latest presentation on the GVCS (as of June, 2010)

Marcin Jakubowski - part 1 from East Bay Pictures on Vimeo.

Economy creates culture and culture creates politics. The politics we seek are freedom, voluntary contract, and human evolution in harmony with life support systems. Note that resource conflicts and overpopulation are eliminated by design. We are after the creation of new society, one which has learned from the past and moves forward with ancient wisdom and modern technology.

This is a real experiment, and product selection is based on us living with the given technologies. First, it is the development of real, economically significant hardware, product, and engineering. Second, this entire set is being compiled into one setting, and land is being populated with the respective productive agents. The aim is to define a new form of social organization where it is possible to create advanced culture, thriving in abundance and largely autonomous, on the scale of a village, not nation or state.

Here is a talk by Marcin Jakubowski on the GVCS at the 4th Oekonux Conference. You can download the slides and see a transcript here. First is an introduction by Franz Nahrada, leader of the Globally Integrated Village Environment:

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Here is the main body of the presentation.

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A video presentation on the first year at Factor e Farm and the GVCS from 2007-2008 here.

And you can also view a GVCS slide show presentation for more information.

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