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Sun Jun 30, 2013

See OSE Organization and Operations Manual. Significant changes since Sat 29, 2013 build.

Sat Jun 29, 2013


  • 1.1 - OSE Board of Directors
  • 1.2 - OSE International Organizations, Mission, and Functions
    • 1.2.1 - Executive Director
    • 1.2.2 - Operations Organizations and Functions
    • 1.2.3 - Technical Community Organizations and Functions
    • 1.2.4 - Product Lead Organizations and Functions
    • 1.2.5 - Documentation Manager
  • 1.3 - OSE Regional Organizations and Functions
    • 1.3.1 - OSE North America
    • 1.3.2 - OSE Europe
    • 1.3.4 - OSE South America
    • 1.3.5 - OSE Asia
    • 1.3.6 - OSE Africa
  • 1.1A - Appendices
  • 2.1 - Cross Organizational Boards/Councils External to OSE
  • 2.2 - Commercial Affiliates
  • 2.A2 - Appendices
  • 3.1 - General Administrative Procedures
  • 3.2 - Correspondence and Records Management
  • 3.3 - Employees
  • 3.4 - Security
  • 3.5 - Information Technology
  • 3.A3 - Appendices

Fri Jun 28, 2013

  • MSC order placed with Saturday Morning delivery Square End Mills (1) & Square End Mills Monday
  • Updated OSE Account Management with FedEx, USPS, & MSC and Vendor Database with MSC.
  • Check mailed to Pondus, LLC covering Invoice #1008
  • Intern admin note
  • OSE is officially enrolled in Project Manager. Will provide notes regarding how the suite's functions are beneficial, and possibly not beneficial. Expecting the pros to significantly outweigh the cons.
  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600 prints 2300 sheets per cartridge.
  • OSE Initial Planning - This document, or something similar following ED review, will kick off the Executive Staff planning discussions. It's sole purpose is to provide the entire staff with an overview, direction, and perspective.
  • Schedule Scrub, below are upcoming events:
    • 30-06 July - Kavitha arrives, Caleb departs, Finish 6 in 60, July 4th
    • 07-13 July - IP Meeting, John Motloch arrives, Doc meeting w/ Yann, Module Management Turnover w/ Prod Lead, Gerard Cox meeting, Emily Eakin Arrive, Spark Arrive, Single Day Build
    • 14-20 July - Meet with Jenn, Meet with Robert, BofA Admin errand, Continue Module Management Turnover, Identify and develop protocols for 1Mo out, Tech Comm Sync Meeting

Thur Jun 27, 2013

Wed Jun 26, 2013

  • Aaron Makaruk turned over the Annual Fundraising Plan 2013 he was working on. He estimates that it will take about a month to complete it the plan. Having his framework and idea puts me way ahead of schedule, had I started from scratch. Thanks Aaron.
  • Goal this week is to master GNUcash. A step toward this is to first master OSE's office space. All OSE's paperwork was sorted today, tomorrow, I complete filing; this includes 3 years worth of receipts.

Tues Jun 25, 2013

  • OSE ramping up to accommodate 12 people
  • (T) Colby Thomson visiting July 8, in the PM
  • Audrey, our Technical Community Manager, is coordinating a TrueFan visit, Matt Tyler, from July 1-3. Bed Logistics. Chris and Jordan have been notified. Need to ensure Matt's bed is ready/set up.
  • July 8, 1030AM CST meeting with Yann re: Documentation Management
  • Marcin connected withProf. John Motloch. Through mutual collaboration and aligned goals, together, we may be able to make some significant progress on a microhouse and wheatboard.

Goals for the Week:

  1. Complete three OSE Protocols. Five currently PENDING OSE Protocols.
  2. Master GNUcash and organize finances to create a balance sheet.
  3. Logistics assessment, foresight, communication, and control preparations for upcoming surge in personnel: plumbing, parking, trash, food, bedding.

Recap Last Week

  1. Last week researched OpenERP, however, OSE needs an ERP suite with a stronger project management focus. Audrey our Technical Community Manager has the strongest PM background. During her research she came up with Project Management and Smartsheet - Smartsheet is winning in the comparison thought process, primarily due to the feedback we have received from other experienced users.
  2. Established OSE Schedule for the OSE Core Team. The ED gets credit for making this a valuable tool. Without top down support, the OSE Schedule would just be a plan, but this past week, it has been enforced and therefore becoming a useful tool.
  3. Intended to push three OSE Protocols from idea to approval. Only pushed one through to approval. Wrote five. PENDING OSE Protocols.

Mon Jun 24, 2013

Sat Jun 22, 2013

Fri Jun 21, 2013

  • First OSE Protocol approved by Executive Director, located here: Protocols
    • Protocols, approved by the Executive Director, ensure that 1) complex operations function harmoniously, 2) processes are accessible for open source collaboration for the purpose of optimizing efficiency, and 3) turnover of processes are simple and comprehensive.
  • Spark Team and OSE are wrapping up logistics wrt to their upcoming visit to FeF: July 8-15th visit; Emily Eakin is joining us for their visit.
  • Requested Gerard Cox to give us his opinion on project management suites our Technical Community Manager identified and is looking into for implementation: Project Management & Smartsheet. Please provide input on either if you have any experience using either.

Thur Jun 20, 2013

  • OSE's bed capacity assessed - needs to increase before our next surge of visitors coming soon
  • Piranha Ironworker blades ordered and enroute
  • Interns have been working overtime, compensation days documented for payback
  • Speaking with Spark team to coordinate schedules
  • Logistics coordination amped up wrt to a slight surge of arriving in the next few weeks
  • OSE Protocol Template out for Executive Director's second review
  • OSE Protocol Wednesday Blog Update out for Executive Director's first review
  • OSE Protocol Weekly Planning and Review out for Executive Staff's review

Wed Jun 19, 2013

  • Latakoo for OSE
  • Hydraulics order complete and parts enroute
  • Tuesday Blog Update posted
  • Google calendars shareable...jumped through intense admin options to make happen
  • Filing system built and files organized in OSE Drive
  • OpenERP might not be our best option, due to program management requirements/needs
  • Operations and Executive Staff meetings stood up - communication improving
  • Accounting turnover ongoing

Tues Jun 18, 2013

  • Operations Tasking list reviewed
  • Super Admin access gained and calendar kinks ironed out
  • Hydraulic order ongoing
  • Working Protocols - 2 of 3 out for team review
  • Learned a bit about our servers - expect to learn more about their ERP options

Goals for the Week:

  1. Decide which ERP to implement. Currently considering OpenERP.
  2. Establish OSE Schedule for the OSE Core Team. Managing the content will determine its value. If the content is substantial, meaning, meeting happen when scheduled, then it is a valuable resource.
  3. Write, collaborate with OSE Core Team, and route for approval three OSE Protocols.

Recap of Last Week:

  1. Goal: Drive from DC to MO and find housing in a single week > Done.
  2. Goal: Claim Missouri residency and register for Missouri plates > Residency claimed and while plates are still due, they are not in the red.
  3. Planned to meet with Marcin on Friday. We were able to meet on both Thursday and Friday (about 4 hours total).
  4. Lastly, I was able to link up with an impressive mentor.

Mon Jun 17, 2013

Check.pngFirst day at FeF.

Open IP Meeting Notes w/ Andrew Rens & Catharina Maracke - discussed OSHW License and OSHW Contributor Agreement.

Moving forward with Open ERP. Spoke with Jeff Moe to discuss options, he provided great points.

Beginning to write OSE Protocols to 1) establish standard protocols, 2) allow for collaborative review of OSE's internal operations so inefficiencies are corrected, 3) allow for seamless turnover and tasker sharing.

Sun Jun 16, 2013

OSE Standard Processes (SP) update:

Please see Standard Processes to provide recommendations, comments, concerns.

Next step is to identify and create SPs. SPs will be created by the process owners.


Notes taken while viewing Open ERP during the free trial: 1) Project visibility provides options: All Users, Portal Users and Employees, Employees Only, Followers Only 2) Projects are broken into stages: Specification, Design, Development, Testing, Done, Cancelled, Analysis, Merge, plus the option to create stages 3) Can create tasking complete with assignment, project associated, etc. 4) Easy to use! 5) Reporting - 1) reports on projects/tasks > Task Summary, project associated, deadline, priority, time planned for, time spent, progress, stage, 2) HR > Leave Type, Maximum Allowed, Leave Taken, Leave Remaining (sick, compensatory, unpaid, etc.) 3) Task Analysis > number of tasks, number of days, total hours, remaining hours, effective hours, avg. plan. eff., Days to open, Days to close, Overpassed Deadline, Progress 4) Reports Project's Cumulative Flow 5) Invoicing tracks Customers (not yet applicable), but more importantly Suppliers > Invoices, refunds, receipts, payments, suppliers 6) CRM tracks customers, leads, opportunities, also Phone Calls (logged and scheduled) 7) Accounting & Finance < Very organized and simple!

Everything I am seeing is positive!

Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] research/considerations for OSE:

Options listed on Thu May, 30, 2013 focus primarily on project management operations (PMO) and tasking. Marcin recommended looking into Open ERP. ERP packages are going to provide a more comprehensive operational toolkit. Below are additional ERP options with comments/impressions:

Going down Wikipedia's List, plus additional web surfing:

  1. A1.IO - Focus is on business, education and HR, medium to larger organizations, pricing not listed
  2. Adaxa - Provides standard ERP modules, requested pricing today
  3. ADempiere - Site states, "There is no such thing as Quick Start ERP. Getting involved with this application will take time" (Citing this link: Getting Started]). At first look, ADempiere is free, funded by ADeV. No PMO.
  4. Compiere - No PMO, low cost (exact cost not listed)
  5. Dolibarr - Free, but add ons are priced (Dolibarr downloads). Designed for smaller organizations and foundations. Not PMO focused.
  6. Epesi - Not PMO focused. Strong CRM support. Free, but add ons are priced.
  7. GNU Enterprise - unable to load site
  8. Helium V - Pricing increases with increased users, see pricing.
  9. Jfire - Free, no PMO focus.
  10. Kuali Foundation - Education focus.
  11. Check.pngOpenERP - Open ERP provide tracking of PMO and tasking, as well as many other modules, which I think are necessary for maintaining organized operations. Pricing is $49 per month.
  12. Project-open - Mostly free, but access to the Financial Reporting module is priced. See link to project-open pricing. PMO.


RECOMMEND Open ERP: After web surfing through many ERP options, I recommend OSE use Open ERP. NEGATIVE: 1) Although it comes at cost, the cost looks to be a fixed cost. POSITIVE: 1) Looks to be incredibly user friendly and intuitive. In my experience, if a program is not user friendly, it is worthless since people refuse to use it (input information). Programs are often only as good as the inputted information. 2) PMO applications with chat capability. 3) Already trusted by millions < customer reviews are positive and numerous

Sat Jun 15, 2013

Commenced building OSE's methodology for creating and implementing internal Standard Processes.