Arduino Oscilloscope

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Arduino can be used readily as an oscilloscope using a simple arduino program and a simple interface using a Processing program. See example at

  • Good for 5 kHz
  • Requires a computer with display, so not that practical when it comes to mobility
  • Would want a standalone Arduino oscilloscope.

Tethered Oscilloscope

  • A poor man's oscilloscope is an Arduino connected via USB to a computer which uses a Processing code running on your computer -
  • Using a Complex Programmable Logic Device (like FPGA but simpler) Arduino shield - [1]
  • From scratch by a physics guy - not complete - [2]
  • Using Processing with good visual interface, 4 channel - [3]

Untethered Oscilloscope

  • Decent, basic version with LCD, but not sure if axis scale code is included - [4]
  • Good theory but no product by a physics person - [5]