Arduino Thermostat

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Arduino Thermostat is open source, meaning access to lifetime design. While Chinese versions are cheap, the Arduino route guarantees 10x the life, and as such, is a lifecycle cheaper And more environmentally friendly option. Arduino is $3.5, relay is $1, probe is $1 - so double the price but 10x the life mi us the waste.

Let's Make this Exciting

To keep cost down while keeping state of art funtionality via smart thermostat features - we can use an Arduino with wireless communication to control the thermostat with an Android phone.

Open Source Industry Standards

  1. Arduino thermostat with wireless Pi controller - [1]
  2. How to control your Arduous no with a cell phone - [2]


  • $3.50 for Arduino Nano - [3]
  • $3.50 each for whole thermostat - [4]
  • $5 for 12v power supply - [5]