Art Esmeraldas

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  • Plastic-formulated bricks with stabilizer
  • Enviro - comapny that makes CEB presses and stabilized block.
  • Telco engineer
  • Has property of 5 acres that is in the philippines
  • B1/B2 10 year visa. Visits the states and family.
  • Seth has a side hustle of real estate
  • Sons and daughters
  • Seth has a scholarship - UP, the Harvard of the Philippines
  • RE B1/B2, can't use it for learning. Tourist or family visit.
  • We're inviting them to visit a demonstration visit. Not employed, visiting for fun. Tourism and pleasure trip. Invitation letter stating that.
  • Complete the loan?
  • 6 months is limit, extensible for 1 year.
  • Atheneo Denaga - leading university in the Philippines.
  • This is CEB living.