Arturo Tejada

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  • Teaching at Polytech Univ of Souther Zacatecas - [1]
  • Saw TED talk
  • Lawton - follows him
  • Teaches heavy machines now
  • Taught mechatronics
  • Did work on aquaculture- rainbow trout
  • Background is electronics engineer
  • Heavy machines maintenance
  • OpenSCAD + FreeCAD user - the only guy against Solidworks
  • Has a Lulzbot Workhorse TAZ
  • Assembled 2 3D printer
  • Zigbee [2] - has experience
  • $600/month pay
  • Qigong instructor experience
  • About 2019 - 200 people were trained in Tai Chi from Chinese masters
  • Coffee person, aquaponics, permaculture, healing center - lot of initiatives around the country - diverse sources of knowledge
  • DC motor company trained Chinese people to do military and mechatronics. Chinese people were instructors. Arturo taught mathematics and technical drawings.
  • Takes people from
  • Chinese company pays no taxes, and teach disadvantaged communities. And they pay well.
  • Some of the Chinese was
  • House at 150k pesos, or $7500
  • $3k for now, then more for later.
  • His school can take him back with good skills. Making an effort to introduce mechatronics. Heavy machines, etc.
  • Possibly lecture online from OSE facility.