Ask a Lawyer About Open Source

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ok! here's some stuff.

1) we have a video with real live lawyers about patents, open source and making a "maker business"

ASK A LAWYER! Marty Schwimmer & Jordan Garner @trademarkblog @jordangarneresq @LeasonEllis @adafruit

2) we are interviewing altium next week and even dave jones is asking questions, ideally hackaday could post this and we'll add the hackaday questions too.

post with questions and more:

Interview with Altium! 3/21/17 4:30pm ET @altium @adafruit #adafruit LIVE

dave's questions:

for the open-source hardware folks here on the list, what questions / suggestions to you have for altium?

in the past we worked with EAGLE to do an XML export with the help and smarts from lenore and windell of EMSL, bunnie uses altium and has some good suggestions/questions as well! you can send them to me or post up in the comments of our blog post.

we're gonna see if they can do a free maker version, and of course ask to make the tool open source, but that's unlikely to happen. doesn't hurt for all of us to ask though!

cheers, pt