Assemble Power Cube

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  • Weld frame using jig.
  • Weld hydraulic tank onto frame, with suction strainer assembly in place. Orientation faces the operator when looking backwards at the Power Cube.
  • Weld fuel tank to frame. Orientation is away from operator (safety) on the rear left corner of frame.
  • Mount Engine and Pump:
    • Trim engine shaft to 2"
    • Put hydraulic fittings on hydraulic pump, and connect lovejoy coupler to pump
    • [1] Cut plate for Engine Mount - 1/4"x8"x20"?
    • [1] Cut plate for hydraulic pump - 1/4"x8"x?
    • [1] Cut 1/4"x8"x3"? connecting plate
    • [1] Cut 1/4"x2" angle for Power Cube Mount
    • Torch engine mount plate pattern- best is plasma cutter
    • Torch hydraulic pump mount plate pattern
    • Measure distance from bottom of pump to bottom plane of engine
    • Use this measurement to determine height of engine mount plate in frame
    • Tack weld angle to frame
    • Tack weld engine mount plate to hydraulic tank and angle
    • Place engine in position
    • Attach lovejoy coupler to engine
    • Verify that height of engine makes pump stick out 1" above bottom plane of the Power Cube
    • Tack weld hydraulic pump plate, and connecting vertical plate
    • Take off engine and finish weld the mounting plates
  • Attach return line filter assembly
  • Attach battery box and holding strap mechanism
  • Wire up switch, charging, and battery cables.
  • Attach suction hose to pump
  • Attach fuel hose from fuel tank barb to inlet of engine
  • Attach throttle cable
  • Attach filler/breather cap
  • Fill engine with engine oil
  • Fill fuel tank, verify that there are no leaks

Start engine.