Assembly Mechanisms

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There's only so many ways things are attached together. Whenever you see a mechanical connection, try to find what assembly mechanism it uses!

  • One piece, like a continuous block of steel.
  • Soldered, brazed, or welded, like connecting copper to copper using molten-then-cooled tin-copper alloy.
  • Adhered, like glue sticking paper to paper
  • Fastened with thread, like with a machine screw or a bolt and nut.
  • Pressure differential, like with suction cups.
  • Plain contact, like a picture frame mounted on the head of a screw in the wall.
  • Friction, like a semi-compressed spring holding itself inside a round tube.
  • Weave, like a uniform cotton fabric pattern.
  • Magnetic, like with 2 magnets attracting each other.
  • Buoyant, like with a piece of wood floating on top of a tub of water.
  • Gravity, like with a steel weight holding down a length of wire.




Plain Contact

Rolling Contact


Pressure Differential