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Assholes can destroy organizations, and attention must be given to creating a culture free of assholes in organizations. One key tenet is to be especially wary of assholes in HR positions, or assholes will multiply like rabbits.

The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't - has a test on p 124.

The test in the book is an obvious one. To it we should add the degrees of asshole. Specifically - everyone has asshole moments, and this test should clarify how easy it is for someone to start behaving like an asshole when the times get rough - ie, the Threshold-to-Asshile. For the non-persistent asshole, we have the Microasshole Test.

Another distinction should be one's point-assholeness: about very specific, replicable conditions under which one succumbs to being one. This is useful because one always has asshole momenta, and this could reduce their frequency further.