Audrey Log - March 2013

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Modernized Steam Engine Project Plan

Notes from 26 Mar 2013

  • Finalized and submitted plan, updating research links, sources, potential contacts, etc. Submitted Configuration Management sample. File:Modernsteam.docx

Notes from 25 Mar 2013

  • Updated project plan notional schedule and underlying processes for project development
  • Revised plan--less technical, refocused on processes

Notes from 24 Mar 2013

Notes from 23 Mar 2013

  • Analysis of alternatives:
    • Researched bump valve reliability, researching alternative solutions
    • Need to discuss condensation issue and air compression issue on the return stroke (sending note to M. Norton)
    • Power vs pressure: The higher the pressure, the smaller and lighter the engine (weight to power ration)...optimum pressure for SWAP requirements?? Include risk analysis (higher pressure/heat = higher safety risks), probable effect on cost. Continue researching.
  • Reviewing Green Steam Engine products; available at The 2 cylinder product provides 10 hp at 125 psi, 1500 rpms; drawings/instructions/hard to find parts available for purchase. Other products available via COTS: ; will make contact with POC for more info re: 3,4, and 6 cyl eng.

Notes from 22 Mar 2013

  • On travel, no work performed

Notes from 21 Mar 2013

  • Updated project plan general requirements/specs and better defined FMECA process
  • Continued researching alternatives to issues with OSE Arrow Head Engine
  • Explored differences in V-shaped layout/feasibility; assessing

Notes from 20 Mar 2013

  • Contacted Mark Norton; directed to
  • Began researching the following issues with the OSE Arrow Head Engine:
    • Water might condense in the cylinder chamber resulting in a blow-out condition
    • Power output will be low unless operated at high speed and high steam pressures
    • Bump valves are subject to wear and breakage
    • Air is compressed on the return stroke, losing valuable work
    • Horizontal layout leads to excessive wear on parts (piston rings, etc).

Notes from 19 Mar 2013

  • On travel, no work performed

Notes from 18 Mar 2013

Notes from 17 Mar 2013

  • Re-baselined project focus to include work performed by Mark Norton
    • Reviewed OSE Modern Steam Engine documentation and requirements, incorporated into project plan