Augmented Reality and Online Assembly Engine

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  • Universal part manipulation
  • Suffices to simply import the CAD of the part, with Interface Definitions
  • Rotate and move the part
  • Assemble together using interfaces
  • Gamification is involved in understanding which are the correct interfaces - single click on it means you know it and can select the interface correctly
  • Real parts according to CAD-BOM-Build triad
  • Costs are calculated automatically
  • BOMs are calculated automatically
  • Fed from Seed Eco-Home Part Library - a curated library that becomes 100% local digital fabricated over time
  • You can design in FreeCAD to import parts into the engine
  • Aims for a new popular literacy, where everyone can design and produce their own parts from abundant materials (rock, dirt, tree, grass, steel) for 90% of the built environment. This is the full promise of Full Printed and beyond.
  • Allows user to generate AR apps - simply loading up content, adding annotations and interfaces.


  • Part of The Next Proposal [1]