August 2013

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True Fans Hangout -August 9, 2013

Some good discussion today

I don't see a link. Perhaps something got mixed up. -Barak

I don't see any link to the current hangout so I am going to speculatively start one and invite Marcin and see what happens. - Anthony D. update: marcin put it up; see above at top of wiki page

Sorry I will be working noon at school. I will check the wiki later for notes. All the best to everyone.

Randy Peterson

I would like to have participated, but clicking on the image does nothing. It's 1pm ET.

- Mark Norton

Apolopgies, I cannot find the link to participate.

I do have a question though. I would like to know what the plan for the next few years is in regards to design software. For me, sketchup is not very good, I guess, compared to what most people today in manufacturing use. I completely understand that there are some very reasonable reasons why it is being used right now but I don't see it as being a long term solution. Are there any plans to change over to different software eventually. I know that things like solidworks cost money, sometimes a lot of money, but it seems like professional CAD programs often have features that can make them more than worthwhile in the right context.

-Brandin Watson