August 2014

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We are currently planning for MicroHouse Workshop 4.

This is a 5 day workshop intended for individuals who are interested in exploring the limits to the swarm-build efficiency of environmentally friendly housing. We will blend Compressed Earth Block construction with modular panels to allow for a rapid build of a complete home. Our goal is to demonstrate that high quality housing can be built on time scales compressed by a factor of about 20 compared to industry standard construction, while achieving a cost 1/3 that of conventional housing. Our innovative process involves a swarm build with 48 people, where the house has been designed for a rapid parallel build using simple-to-follow documentation. We are building on the experience of our last 3 workshops to produce the most ambitious - in level of completion - build of a 762 sf house using our open source equipment. This workshop is intended for those people who are interested in building a natural home, but who also want to do so with state-of-art efficiency. This is an experimental workshop where we will do a proof of concept that our swarm building techniques allow for complete house builds on the time scale of 4 days, including hands-on training throughout the process, and a full day at the end for review, discussion, and exploration of open source entrepreneurship ideas consistent with economically-significant social production. The process up to the day of the workshop will include daily design sprints where we perfect our documentation of the build steps to eliminate potential bottlenecks in the build and to plan for contingencies. Collaborative planning leading up to the event via the open source community is intended to provide a rapid development process for open source blueprints and enterprise.



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What are the Viral Replicability Criteria.

Understand the market? True litmus test is replication. Bricks per minute Data Testing Specifications and limitations of what is built.

Ben Diedrich - california build.

Natural Building Community -

Civil Engineering Professor - make it an assignment for a class.

Arif on structural engineering.

Tom Mallard 6:43 PM Foundation loads are dependent on soil types generally, measured in psi and there are equations & formulas to be to code ... So much surface area by the foundation to carry the wall loads.

Applications for the CEB's Housing Flooring Walls Fences Ovens Garage Barn Workshops Landscaping

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