Auroville Earth Institute (exhibition room)

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The office of the Auroville Earth Institute (AVEI) located in Auroville, India includes a room exhibiting their work.


The AVEI exhibition room includes information on prehistoric adobe earthen structures and modern earthen building techniques including CEBs, their CSEBs in various moulds, information on buildings made by AVEI, posters briefly documenting their methods including for CSEBs, rammed earth, ferrocement channels for roofing, arches, domes, and vaults.


General Info

AVEI exhibition 2020-01 about-001.jpg


This section shows a cut-away of the rammed earth that forms a foundation for steel-reinforced CSEB columns. One of these columns includes a steel-reinforced concrete section that's add to the column to form a spiral staircase.


AVEI exhibition 2020-01 structures-002.jpg


This section shows information on steel reinforced CSEB composite beams.

Block Moulds

AVEI exhibition 2020-01 blocks-015.jpg AVEI exhibition 2020-01 blocks-001.jpg

Ferrocement Channels

CEBs Poster

Rammed Earth Poster

Vaults Poster

Domes Poster

E-Blocks Poster

This section provides information about how CSEBs are more environmentally friendly & cost-effective than traditional coal-fired bricks.

Emergency Shelter

This section provides information about how CSEB homes can provide cost-effective & disaster-resistant housing.

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