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Soil mixer handles 7 cubic meters per hour (250 cubic feet per hour). If a brick is 0.17 cu ft, then volume of soil required is 0.33 cu ft. Thus, 3 bricks per cubic foot of soil.

The machine thus claims to produce material for up to 750 block per hour. Input soil quality requirements are high: sifted, crushed soil. This soil is produced with the Aurovile soil crusher -

Request for Quote

Hello Marcin

We thank you for your email and appreciate your interest in our Auramix 5000.

Below a brief description of the Auramix 5000 Earth Construction machinery developed by Aureka and the Auroville Earth Institute, with price list in the attachment.

Auramix 5000

The Auramix 5000 is a cost effective and productive metering / mixing solution, which continuously delivers a homogeneous, moist, earth, and stabilizer mixture suitable for compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB) production at a rate of up to 7 m3 per hour, resulting in higher quality CSEB, at faster production rates, versus outmoded batch mixers.

The ratio of soil, sand, and stabilizer (cement or lime) are independently adjusted to achieve the perfect mixture for CSEB production using the metering system. After the Auramix has been adjusted, the conveyor belt continuously delivers these materials, at this precise and accurate ratio, to the mixing drum. These dry materials are thoroughly mixed, and then water is added via sprayers, followed by additional mixing. The water flow rate is monitored with a rotameter and can be accurately adjusted with a ball valve. At the outlet of the drum a continuous flow of homogeneous moist mixture is delivered to the press, the output of the mixer tuned to the exact input requirement of the press. The mixer is fitted with wheels that can be raised when the mixer is in use. The wheels are not for highway travel, only for on-site maneuvering at max 20km/h

An earth metering and mixing technology is essential to support new high-output press equipment, to assure that blocks conform to uniform high quality standards with minimal block to block variation, and to maintain high block production throughput at better power and labor efficiencies. Effective soil metering and mixing equipment is one of the most critical areas in accomplishing efficient compressed stabilized compressed earth block production.

With the introduction of the Auramix 5000, Aureka moves to the forefront of manufacturers of high quality, affordable continuous feed mixers, the latest addition to its successful range of CSEB equipment.

You can view a video of the Auramix 5000 in operation at the following link:

For you reference we are also attaching our price list for Auramix 5000 .

You can view a video of the Auram Crusher in operation at the following link:

Should you have any further questions you are welcome to our advice without any obligations.

Our whole experience is at your service. We hope you will make use of it.

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for Aureka Robert Trunz Chief Executive

Description of goods

Auramix 5000


Hopper for manual feeding


FOB Chennai




Sea freight charges to Kansas City


CIF Kansas City

24,293.00 TOTAL


Delivery  : 2 weeks from the date of receipt of firm order with advance

Payment  : 100% advance by Bank Swift Transfer. Balance before delivery.

Validity  : 1 week

Remarks  : For all sale, Aureka General Conditions of Sale apply. Please see attachment

Bank SWIFT Transfer details:

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State Bank of India

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Auroville International Township Branch

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Bank Address

Kuilapalayam, Auroville - 605 101,
 Tamilnadu, India

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Purpose of remittance

Advance payment for Auram

Press 5000.