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Autocracy playbook - stir up resentment (from being mistreated) for political ends. Sprinkle in a dose of lies, reward with kleptocratic booty, and there you have both Useful Idiots and paid propagandists on the right. Repression, genocide, Comfortable Unfreedom, and discomfortable unfreedom follow naturally from this framework.


Inclusive collaboration for abundance can remove much of the survival-based mistreatment - whether the Germans after WW1, or Trumpists in 2023. Currently, it appears that a lot of resentment (result of mistreatment) - stems from jobs exported abroad and the generic flow of capital upwards. Or just the status of certain groups being degraded.

From the OSE perspective, it still seems that material abundance (ie, end of artificial scarcity) - ie - education, community, wealth, prosperity - as opposed to faith, fascism (exclusion), and stirring up of resentment - is a fundamental solution. Resentment comes from loss of socioeconomic status - whether by claimed sources such as immigrants, gays, others, etc - but it seems that a clear solution is abundance, allowing for community, reintegration of people, psychological healing, psychosocial integration, and general cultivation of a growth mindset.

Thus, cultivating a growth mindset is a key to ending autocracy [1]

Current OSE hiring will likely be exclusive of fixed mindset people, as they are simply not fit for the job of collaborative inclusion. However, as OSE becomes established, OSE will create tarnsformation programs explicitly for fixed mindset people, promising salvation to those who want to undertake a rigorous program of self-transformation. This is not easy - salvation is hard-earned, no free lunch here.