Axial vs Radial Flux Motors

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  • Compare specs - 10+ kW/kg vs 3 kW/kg -
  • There are 2 new types of axial flux motors - electrostatic and yokeless - [1]
  • Axial flux motor is attractive compared to radial flux when pole number is high and air gap is low. -[2]
  • Basics of axial gap motors - With strong magnets, we don't need iron. High torque in axial flux motors is achieved by using a larger diameter. [3]
  • Axial flux is the new kid on the block - [4]
  • Paper shows that Axial flux motors are about 4% more efficient than radial flux - [5]
  • Axial flux motors appear to compete with Tesla cars' electric motor performance - [6]
  • Indiegogo explains segmented axial flux motor - [7]

Summary: Axial flux is the future for higher efficiency, and power density.