BOM Optimization

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OSE optimizes its BOMs for distributed production. One such way is the owner-operator, sole-proprietor business form, such as for small enterprise.

For optimization these should be done:

  1. Add links to any parts that do not have direct links. If no direct link exists, link to another wiki page and put all ordering details in there.
  2. If there is any incomplete element of ancillary supplies or materials, add that to the BOM
  3. Use as much online ordering as opposed to going to stores. Until full localization of sourcing occurs - this is a good option. In today's world, it is more efficient to mail order via the UPS truck - which has efficient delivery systems worked out, such that it takes less energy to get something shipped rather than to go to the store to get it.
  4. Optimize for better sources - multiple sources should be found
  5. Include full BOM Standards
  6. Include files of purchase orders that can be emailed or otherwise sent to suppliers - for those items that do not have online stores.
  7. Replace parts with 3D printed parts
  8. Replace fittings with CNC lathed stock as appropriate