Babington Burner Project Status

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  • February 7, 2009 - we are currently installing a combination Babington Burner - Wood Furnace hybrid masonry stove - with a cooking surface and a pressurized hot water tank. This is an exceptional system - with cost of $350. Key to success - a water tank heater element is used for oil preheat. Video forthcoming. Future steps include flash steam coil integration for powering a steam engine for electrical generation - for a complete CHP system. System goal: cooking, heating, hot water, and power generation with masonry stove technology. Very exciting.
  • Fall 2008 - we have demonstrated a self-sustaining Babington_Burner flame. Key to success is startup oil preheat - where warm/hot oil is required for proper atomization. We achieved the preheat simply by heating the oil on a stove before use.