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Seed Eco-Home 2

  • 4000 SF facility in city donated by local government for long term lease in urban area
  • 4000 SF facility at Factor e Farm or corresponding rural location
  • Website modeled after Clickfunnels - or use Clickfunnels - 1000 sf - 1. Builder crash course, 2. e-book, 3 - $100k turnkey, 4 - $75k sweat equity with OSE support. 5- microhouse version, $50k total for microhouse off-grid village.
  • R&D goes to open source inverter/charger and nickel iron batteries, and closed loop water as next milestones. Not to mention all kinds of models and CEB version, and aquaponic greenhouse addition.
  • Sales - outsource online
  • Tech support - trained person, forum, etc. OSE is the nonprofit. All support and R&D infrastructure is handled by OSE