Backhoe 4

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Backhoe 4
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The is the main page for version 4 of the Backhoe. See that page for general info and how it fits into the GVCS.


As of Oct 2013, there is no backhoe 4, nor any concrete plan for one. This page is here as a place to collect ideas for the next version of the backhoe if or when someone works on it.

Ideas for Backhoe 4

  • Jeffery Stump suggests: If anyone revisits the design later, they should consider putting the cylinder that moves the boom below, so that it can work in compression. That would make it 21% stronger for the same moment arm. I'm pretty sure the current set up will make a decent back-hoe, since the analysis I'm doing now is pretty conservative, but you should definitely use the larger piston, at least for the boom actuator. If I adjust the 1000 lb bucket load down to 695 for a load of heavy sand that completely fills the bucket I get that the bigger cylinder will work for extensions less than 55 inches. I updated a few pages of my calculations to make them more reader friendly. Probably at some point we should work out a consistent format for how calculations should be demonstrated and explained. Once again, the geometry section is unfinished: