Backhoe Conceptual Specifications

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  • Bonding plates have 1" holes, and all holes are 1". Pivot holes are 3" for heavy duty pivots.
  • Based on 4x4 inch tubing, 1/4" or 1/2" wall depending on strength required
  • Scaling can happen by:
    • Extension of tube members inlength
    • By stacking tube members on top of each other in one direction
    • By stacking tube members on top of each other in two directions
    • By stacking tube members in a space frame configuration by using connector plates.
    • Using thicker wall of tubing
    • May be connected to one another by plates
    • Stacking of connector plates for increasing strength
    • Stacking of pivot joints plates to increase pivot strength
  • Pivot joints are used to couple tubing members

Design for Prototyping

  • Using 4x4 beams, sections of any length can be made to allow fit of any cylinder. Mounting plates allow for cylinders to be fitted in any location, as 1" holes of mounting plates can be used as holes for pin of cylinder. Thus, boom and stick of the backhoe can be made to size as needed. Plates can be layered as much as needed.


  • Same technique for creating articulated joints may be applied to creating loader arms or cherrypicker arms
  • Similar technique may be used to build well drilling rig frames
  • Similar technique is used to build the ironworker machine.