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Public Review Results, Nov 25, 2012

  • From Ward Holloway <> - - The new supports can be cut from a square tube or channel. Two bolts per support may not be enough, I haven't run the load calculations yet. We can size everything once we have a design nailed down.
  • Double design - allows same cylinder length - Bhdouble.jpg
  • Bottom of boom cylinder critique - not lifetime design due to bottom-facing cylinder

Design Review


Bill of Materials


Public Review

Backhoe Smart Mob


Fri Nov 16, 2012

  • Call postponed to when design is finished.

Nov 12, 2012

Bhplate.jpg - VariCAD file. Download VariCAD Viewer.

Backhoe - Review Draft

Oct 23 2012

I sent a valve back with Tristan. Its a top-quality very compact unit that has 9 valves. PDF drawing.

Theres a few minor and major problems with the designs posted below. I will do a writeup as soon as i can.

Oct 19. 2012




Monday, Oct 15, 2012

File:Backhoe - Please

Wednesday 0ct 12, 2012

Bitmap Update 38.jpg


Use Ctr+Shift and click to rotate the view in 3D!