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LucasG wrote: LucasG 18:24, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

Apparently very detailed how-to documents for "less than the cost of a blade" = $21.

It looks like very good documentation.

The first page shows a video and minute 3:10 shows how it doesn't vibrate, 7:01 how it does small pieces, and 9:14 how it can cut a 25 cm (I think) thick log.

I find it interesting how using mostly wood he achieves big strength: the "C" doesn't become an "O" easily at all. Not everything has to be iron. I guess RepTab & co will allow for making all sorts of wooden tools.

Marcin wrote:

Yes, this is great. It's better for lighter duty applications that what we're currenly looking for (such as cutting tractor frames for LifeTrac) but it does serve many purposes. With RepTab & Co, this would be an excellent product for market, though lifetime of course will be shorter than steel - so from lifetime issues it does not rate high on OSE Specifications.