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OSE Presence Was Invited to COUNTER CULTURE AND RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY FAIR - part of Cultural Capital LINZ - in Austria - May 14-17

Dear Barbara and Franz,

The scope of the COUNTER CULTURE AND RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY FAIR is profound and controversial. I am curious - has there been any friction with 'mainstream culture' that arose from organizing this fair? Is that the first time that the Counter Culture type of fair is being organized? I commend you on the foresight and courage to organize this very important, and hopefully high-level discussion on the topic. This appears to be a forum for integrated and rational discussion - which doesn't seem to happen much within the USA on similar topics, given the present political climate.

Any thoughts? When presenting the content, are there any relevant warnings or cautions to be acknowledged, given the sensitive, transformative nature of topics covered? What is the political/social climate of Europe these days, in terms of acceptance of the ideas and technologies?


Franz Nahrada

to me, barbara

show details 11/16/08



I had talks yesterday with Barbara Pitschmann, Project Manager of the "subversion fair", an event which tales place 2009 in the framework of "cultural capital LINZ".

look here to get a taste of the variety of events involvded

she agreed that she would - at least with 90 percent probability - be able pay for flights, accomodation and even pay a very small per-diem if you decided that you would make an exhibition booth for OSE at her "subversive fair" and be a highlight there.

see text below.

I promised her I would bring hundreds of people from all over Europe to visit you at this booth - and I can do this with my networks. It would be a virtous cycle.

You would have to bring over some material, but maybe Barbara could also be helpful in producing some special items like big wall posters or even more (a model of the trac would be good)

so the date is set and the decision is yours.

14 - 17 May 09

I suggest that you stay at least one or two weeks longer in Europe to take care of the followups and leads afterwards and visit potential OSE sites at least in central Europe. Again I would also schedule and promote spoeeches at the university, but we need to be flexible as there is no money at the moment for GIVE to do this. We can do it moderately anyway but maybe the idea takes up and forms another virtuous cycle.

Thats my 2009 contribution to OSE. please get in touch with Barbara directly. barbara pitschmann => <>


Dear Barbara,

What you have on your website is a great overview of our work - short but comprehensive. I will publish a short bio and pass it on to you. I will also pass on an abstract for the presentation.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely, Marcin

Dear Marcin,

Please excuse the delay, at the moment we are just two persons working on the project (SM) and chaos is built-in ;-) Furthermore our contact (until now) has been indirect, in other words, via Franz.

So: Wellcome, we are glad to have you (OSE) on board!

First of all, we need some further information relating to your plans, your journey, your booth, required materials/equipment and so on. For this reason Malin will contact you, she is responsible for the organisation and all the exhibtor-contacts.

I allready posted something about OSE on our website: please let me know if there are any changes or amendments you would like me to make OR if you have some content (a short-bio for example) and an abstract you want me to publish, -the richness of information concerning OSE I found on the internet was leading to deciding-difficulties (for my part)...

Best regards!


-- Barbara Pitschmann

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