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{Barney holmes} {Peer-to-Peer Telephone} {Technical Know How}


Subject: 	Re: {Barney holmes} {Peer-to-Peer Telephone} {Technical Know How}
From: 	barney holmes 
To: 	Marcin Jakubowski
Date: 	Saturday, 28 November 2009, 20:18

Dear Marcin Jakubowski,

I've been working on other things but I thought I might come back to you !

Probably the most well understood and easiest to maintain is simply using Citizen Band radio. Over flat farmland the range is over a few kilometres depending on set up.


Other open source technologies could be used but CB would seem to be the most accessible and most understood as it has a long history. Thanks.

Barney Holmes

--- On Mon, 9/3/09, Marcin Jakubowski wrote:

    From: Marcin Jakubowski
    Subject: Re: {Barney holmes} {Peer-to-Peer Telephone} {Technical Know How}
    To: "barney holmes" 
    Date: Monday, 9 March, 2009, 3:14

    Hello Barney,

    Good to hear from you. Do tell more. Do you have any more explicit proposals on how the ad-hoc phone system could work?

    I see a possible solution through the combination of fabbed-at-home phones and hardware, totally empowering to people in the true sense of the word. But is the technology there for signal transmission over a distance? What is a practical density of nodes that makes this feasible?

    I thought that even putting up telephone towers could be feasible, if we have access to low-cost metal extrusion capacity, starting from metal scrap. This is where a good induction furnace comes in, part of the Construction Set. Do you know any people with whom we could talk about metal melting and induction furnaces for significant economic production?


    On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 7:23 PM, barney holmes <> wrote:


        I am responding to this invitation ...

        I am looking into how to build this kind of technology using basic components and free, open source software like linux. There is already an open mobile phone project ( ) but costs could be much lower as that is designed to key into traditional mobile phone networks. A true open source phone that allows the specifics of a phone system as opposed to CB or walkie talkie radios, could harness other technologies that don't rely on expensive, high bandwidth radio towers. Probably something over ad-hoc wireless networks.

        Hope I can be of help in some way.

        Barney Holmes, UK


    Nobody said that building the world's first open source village would be easy.

    -- Anonymous, 2009

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