Basic Apprenticeship Resource Model

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  • Tuition pays for tools for participant, some prototyping materials, facility improvements, and 3 month runway.
  • Worst case design:
    • $12/hr and 3000 hours means 15 days of work, 200 hours each, done over 3 months. 3000 hours at $12=$36k in build time.
    • Stipend allowable per apprentice: $12k per month of crew, $500/apprentice/month
  • Industry standard design:
  • 15 days of work over 3 months is low, with 10 hour per week rate. Can increase 3x to match industry standards for hours worked while in college
  • At industry standard rate - we are at $1500/month stipend, competitive with lower end of graduate student stipend [1]
  • Palatability - for young people, this could work. For old people with a family, it won't.
  • Risk - 3000 hours is low risk, 3 months per house.
    • At 2000 hours - 2 months per house
    • At 1000 hours - 1 month per house. Now we get into logistics and organizational infrastructure requirements for scaled building:
      • Automated design and blueprint generation required.
      • Turnkey blueprints required for streamlined code provision
      • 3rd party inspector required at the 1000 hour, and possibly 2000 hour, case. Not needed in 3000 hour case.


  • We start all with 2 or 3 days per week in build time.
  • People migrate to 1-2 or 3-4 build days, with extremes at 1 and 4, or even exceptions to this.