Basic Workshop Cost

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Basic Workshop

A basic workship incudes these tools:

  1. MIG Welder
  2. Acetylene Torch
  3. Magnetic Drill
  4. 15 Amp and 5 Amp grinders

and other hand tools such as C clamps, vise clamps, a vise, hammers, wrenches, allen wrenches, pipe wrenches, holding magnets, speed square, L anglem, mesuring tape, soapstone marker, and others.

These are sufficient to build the entire tractor, CEB press, Pulverizer, and Power Cube.

If one has access to a CNC torch table, Ironworker machine - the cutting and hole-making, and metal stock cutting could go much faster - but for one-off production, the 4 main tools + hand tools above are completely sufficient.

Basic Advanced Workshop

A basic advanced workshop contains these 7 tools:

  1. CNC Torch Table for cutting steel parts - $12k off-shelf - $1500 OSE
  2. 150 Ton Ironworker machine for rapid shearing and hole punching of 1" thick metal - $21k off-shelf - $1600 OSE
  3. CNC Mill - $17k used off shelf - $4k OSE
  4. CNC Lathe - $15k used off shelf - $4k OSE after CNC addition
  5. Heavy Duty Drill Press (2" hole drilling capacity) - $10k off shelf - $600 OSE
  6. 200 Amp MIG Welder - $2k off shelf - $500 OSE
  7. Acetylene Torch - $400 off shelf
  • $77,400 off shelf + maintenance costs of the same about every 10 years; for a lifetime (20 yr) enterprise, the cost doubles.
  • $14,100 OSE cost + lifetime service, as people can maintain their own machines.

This would allow one to build all the above tools (self-replication), plus things like tractors, microtractors (lawnmowers), pelletizers to have people harvest their own fuel for mowing from grass clippings; cars; engines, hydraulic motors, and other things from open plans, using CNC assist, and predicted value of labor captured at $100 per hour, or a total ROI of $16k/person/month with 8 hour shifts in a 1000 sq foot workshop.

Make a 4000 square foot workshop to accommodate 4 people, and you have $64k/month earning capacity with 4 people.

Needs development of full product release plans for all devices.

The entire package allows you to start with raw metal, do metal working and precision CNC, automated machining to yield all electromechanical devices for humankind starting with steel, and making your own components such as engines and hydraulic motors.