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Emily Dilger <> 1:31 PM (2 hours ago) to alex, demetrius, me, amyeliz1107, sara Thanks Heather for the connection! (Moving her to BCC)

Alex, I'm happy to chat sometime soon - I'm open Thursday between 10:30-3 or anytime Friday & Monday, would one of those work for you?



Heather Kleiner <> 10:44 AM (21 hours ago) to Emily, alex, Demetrius, me, amyeliz1107, Sara Hi Emily, I'd like to e-introduce you to Mr. Alex Au, from Open Source Ecology ( One of our members is involved with Nation of Makers and building Makerspaces (Mr. Demetrius Norman). Demetrius has told me about the wonderful work that Alex is doing, and it seems that Alex would be very interested in you Community of Practice ( based on his geographical location.

Hopefully you all can make a connection.

Cheers, Heather

Alex Au 1:12 PM (19 hours ago) to hkleiner, edilger, demetrius, me, amyeliz1107, Sara Hi Emily! Hi Heather!

Thanks for the introduction.

I work for Open Source Ecology - a 501(c)3 nonprofit - please see our 4 minute TED Talk on the Global Village Construction Set -

We're looking to support schools who are starting makerspaces or want to better support young adults in making their world, using 3D printers and other machines to design and build things like cell phones, vacuums, and drones.

We're just starting our program now for schools and would love to chat to learn more about how we might be helpful given what you're looking for and prioritizing right now.

Would love to discuss more. Let me know if that interests you.

All the best, Alex