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Against Backing

  • Usable for walls and ceilings. Planks are used - [1]. But what about sheets?
  • Ceiling from 4x8 sheets - premium 1/4s every 4' - beadboard in between, agains drywall backing.

  • Beadboard against drywall backing- [2]

Against Joists

  • Using planks - [3]

Do Not Do This

  • This video appears to have no support on long edges. Will not be super flat. [4]. Also, backign strips appear to be more than 2'. [5]
  • Beadboard between joists - [6]. A much easier way to do this is to avoid cutting beadboard into strips, hang up the beadboard, then put strips on at the end to simulate the 'beautiful look' of the joists. Less time and materials are needed for the latter.

Type of Fastener

  • Narrow crown staples hold well, or finish nails. [7]. Screws typically not mentioned.