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A small, open source hardware computer on a board -

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Open-source Factor

Raspberry Pi is definitely more popular among hobbyists, but for prototyping a product, Beaglebone can be a better choice. Beaglebone is open hardware and open software platform. All the hardware specifications are open and can be found directly in the Beaglebone Black Manual. The manual is quite extensive and covers all details including hardware schematics and chip specifications. The Raspberry Pi has open source hardware except ARM processor and Broadcom SoC . Its firmware is too closed-source. Due to use of ARM processor and Broadcom SoC, the Pi Foundation is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement with ARM and Broadcom and cannot open chip or processor specifications. However, the Pi foundation maintains that the Pi boards can be used commercially with recommendation that anywhere on the product be mentioned "Powered by Raspberry Pi". Beaglebone being a complete open-source platform can be modified and used in a commercial product without doubt. Again, due to lack of open hardware specifications of processor and SoC, modifying a Raspberry Pi is practically not possible. But, one can make own version of Beaglebone easily.


  • Will BB boards continue for ever? Some are 'discontinued' such as AI, but AI64 is apparently continuing. [1]