Bearing Lab Specification

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  • Makes bearing balls from liquid steel of correct composition. Small induction furnace as a start, part of Induction Furnace RLF
  • Bearing housings - modular with threaded holes for interchangeability
  • Collars with rapid-let go of shaft, shaft never seizes
  • Round and cylindrical bearings
  • Thrust bearing plates
  • Bearing ball cages
  • Mounting of shafts for lathes and wheels to 50k lb per wheel
  • Addition of chain drive and sprockets from light duty 3D print to 50k lb drive torque from a 12 hp hydraulic motor
  • Air bearing lathe for producing air bearings
  • Lathe produces housings and produces the bearing roller
  • Alloying furnace gets the right compositions
  • Ceramic bearings for water based engines - not as thermal barrier coating [1] but rust resistance, enables water-based hydraulics
  • Ball making of any size from bearing dust to 1" balls
  • Automation to full materials handling with robot arms
  • Precision angle generation for CNC-precision using stock components
  • Hot rolled steel capacity for precision positioning to 1 mm at 1 meter radius rotating a 1000 lb load in a 1/4 second from any position ? Discuss
  • Modular bearing design - various ball sizes can be used with the same plates. Modular cages. Tapers and flat contact points. Round and cylindrical bearings in these.
  • Plastic and water proof bearings
  • Water tight shaft seals
  • Shaftless modular wheel systems - stub shafts only