Becoming an Electrician

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Electrician vs Electrical Contractor

  • Difference between the two - [1]
  • Does an electrician signing on to a house build have to be a master electrician, or can they be a journeyman or apprentice?


  • Apprenticeship - HVAC technician - [2]
  • HVAC license - [3]
  • Electrical Contractor License in Missouri - [4].
  • There are no state license requirements in Missouri, only local level [5]


  • Apprenticeship - HVAC technician - [6]
  • HVAC license - [7]
  • HVAC application - takes 5 minutes - [8]

License Requirements

  • Some cities do not require a license for electrical contractors. [9]
  • Can an electrical contractor company have part time employees?
  • An individual in a company can be engaged in licensed electrical contracting work without the individual having a license if the company has a statewide-licensed electrical contractor in its employ. [10]. Ie, unlicensed individuals may do licensed electrical work.
  • An electrician or electrical contractor business license is not the same thing as a general contractor's license. [11]. Can an electrical contractor business license be given to a business that has a part time master electrician?
  • Electrical contractor, Journeyman Electrician, and Master Electrician licenses are 3 licenses that exist [12]. There are local licenses for the above, and a statewide license for an Electrical Contractor. Statewide license has more requirements - [13].
  • Electrical contractor license in Jefferson City, for example, requires applicant to have (not be) a master electrician [14]. There appears to be no requirement on full-time status of the master electrician.
  • Online it says 5 years of full time work and 500-1000 hours of classroom instruction are needed for master electricians.
  • On-the-job experience can substitute for classroom [15]
  • Some counties don't require a license from electricians [16]



I would like to get an electrical contractor license. Can you please send me information on the requirements? And how I would go about applying for Missouri? Is there also a nationwide license?