Bed Self-Leveling

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[08:58] <marcin_ose> I know that Lulzbot Mini ships with auto bed leveling. Does Ultimaker, Makerbot, or any other consumer printer ship with auto bed leveling?

[08:58] <designbybeck_> Anyone read this yet?

[08:58] <replicant> marcin_ose: printrbot has zleveling probe

[08:59] <marcin_ose> designbeck - just posted that on Open Source Ecology Facebook:) [08:59] <replicant> i'd of thought the UM2 would too, but have no idea

[09:00] <marcin_ose> designbybeck: just posted that on OSE's Facebook.

[09:01] <designbybeck_> Oh greetings marcin_ose ...that is where I saw it! ;) [09:02] <designbybeck_> marcin_ose, ....A Thank you for all you do for the Open Source Community and spreading the Open Source Mindset to others!

[09:02] <Bittarman> theres so much prior art, that some of those patents have to be defensive, as they'd never be enforceable.

[09:03] <hyperair> marcin_ose: new flashforge creators with the atmega 2560 have sailfish with auto bed levelling support compilde in

[ [09:07] <hyperair> marcin_ose, designbybeck_: by the way, regarding the quick release extruder, makerbot's patent actually did have something new to it: "a locking mechanism to secure the lever in a position with the bearing moved away from and out of the feedpath.